Who should own a goVia?
goVia is for anyone looking to maintain an active lifestyle and peace of mind that help is available should you need it.

How does goVia differ from other products on the market?

Our discreet and lightweight design allows users to move about their day with confidence and removes the stigma sometimes associated with wearing a personal medical alert device.

Can’t I just use my phone to call for help?

goVia is there for you in the event that your phone is out of reach. And for added protection, Auto Fall Detection (optional add-on) will automatically send help if you’re unable to press the help button.


Do goVia products require a subscription?
Yes, all the products require activation and a monthly subscription. Monitoring and subscriptions are powered by Medical Guardian.


What’s included with the subscription fees?
The monthly subscription is powered by Medical Guardian and includes 24/7 monitoring that connects you to trained emergency operators.


How do I active my goVia device(s)?
To activate your device, please call the customer service line at 1-800-380-8883 to connect to support provided by Medical Guardian.


I thought BLACK+DECKER™ made tools? Is this really a BLACK+DECKER™ product?
For more than 110 years, BLACK+DECKER™ has been building tools that people trust. The BLACK+DECKER Health category offers health and wellness solutions direct-to-consumers.


What is goVia’s affiliation with Medical Guardian?
Medical Guardian provides the 24/7 monitoring support and service for goVia users.


Do I need WiFi to use goVia devices?
WiFi is not required for goVia devices. All devices, with the exception of HOME Classic, include cellular coverage.


Do I need a landline to use goVia devices?
The only product that requires a landline is goVia HOME Classic.


Can I use goVia devices outside of the house?
Each device has a different range of coverage. If you’re looking for something to use primarily out of the home, we suggest goVia MINI.


What, exactly, does “24/7 monitoring” mean?
24/7 monitoring means that you will be connected to trained emergency operators any time or day you need it, including holidays.


If I fall, will I automatically get connected to emergency operators?
HOME Fall Detection will automatically call for help should you experience a fall. Auto Fall Detection is an optional add-on for some goVia devices. Fall Detection does not detect 100% of falls.


What happens if I accidentally press the emergency response button?
Once connected, you can tell the operator it was a mistake and cancel help.


What do I do if I lose my device(s)?
To protect your device, an optional Protection Plan add-on is available through Medical Guardian’s monitoring services. Contact Customer Service at 1-800-380-8333 to learn more.


Besides the 24/7 Call Center, can my family or friends also be notified in an event?
Yes, when you are subscribing you can dictate who else is notified and in what order if an event occurs.


How do I renew/cancel my subscription?
To renew or cancel your subscription, please contact customer service at 1-800-380-8333 to be connected to support provided by Medical Guardian.

For customer service and support, please contact us at 1-800-380-8333.