BLACK+DECKERgoVia provides an extra layer of confident mobility and protection at home or on the go. Each product in the goVia line features 24/7 monitoring with a paid, monthly subscription powered by Medical Guardian, which will connect users directly to trained emergency operators should they need any assistance. Activation and monthly contract are required prior to use.

Go Via Mini

goVia MINI

  • Silver, White or Black
  • Discreet, wearable, portable device
  • Petite, lightweight design 
  • Track the device location using GPS, WiFi and Triangulation
  • Battery life of up to 5 days with a single charge to keep you living life on the go

goVia MOVE

  • A lightweight, wearable on-the-go device
  • Optional, wearable help buttons can be worn as a neck pendant, wristband or worn on a belt or tucked into a pocket
  • Track the device location using GPS and AT&T cellular service
  • Up to 24-hour battery life with a single charge for living life on the go
Go Via Move
two products

goVia HOME

  • Devices for in and around your home
  • Wear as a neck pendant, wristband or simply utilize the base station
  • Features a battery backup in the event of unexpected power outages
  • Wireless or landline options
  • Automatic fall detection included in some models

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